The club has an enthusiast bunch of coaches. All hold current Enhanced Disclosure CRB certificates through Scottish or British Gymnastics.

Trampoline Coaches

  • Brian Scott
    High Performance Coach, SGA Child protection implentation "Safe Gym for All" trained, Head Coach - First aid/Dr
  • Frances Murphy
    High Performance Coach, SGA Child protection awareness trained
  • Liam Gibbons, Level 3 UKCC coach, SGA Child protection awareness trained, "Safe Gym for All" trained
  • Iona Bruce, Level 3 UKCC coach, SGA Child protection awareness trained. 
  • Tony Gillespie, Level 3 UKCC coach, 

Future Coaches

Current competitive gymnasts Robbie Griffith and Callum Morrans have started down the path of becoming qualified coaches. They will complete the UKCC Level 1 qualification and SGA child protection training/clearance before they become part of our coaching squad.

Judging @ Glasgow Trampoline Club

We now have a cohort of coaches - Brian, Frances, Liam,  Iona, Rashid, Anthony, Ciaran and Tony who we will use at the SGA competitions in Perth and on the British Circuit too.

Child Protection Co-ordinator

We are grateful to Kirsty Abu-Rajab who is our CPC. If you wish to discuss any matter regarding welfare of club members confidentiallly, her direct email is . Kirsty has undertaken Child Protection awareness training, Safe Gym for All training including Safe Recruitment procedures. She is also an active member of the Committee of Glasgow Trampoline Club in this role.  We follow the Scottish Gymnastics Child Protection policy

First Aid

In a thrilling sport such as trampolining, even with very safe and progressive coaching, simple accidents can occur. Sprains and scrapes are common as in any sport.  Because of the height and forces involved in trampolining there is the potential for more significant injuries.

The club has a number of qualified first aiders or medically qualified coaches. Scotstoun LC also has nominated first aiders available on contacting reception. The club has a small First Aid box in the cupboard too. We record and report all significant accidents according to the SG and BG policies for this on our standard accident form, which is copied to the parents/individual concerned as well as to our governing body's welfare department.

Health And Safety Officer

Brian has agreed to take up this position on behalf of the committee. The main responsibility is to ensure that the trampolines are safe and maintained appropriately. The club keeps a register of equipment checks, which are done monthly during training seasons.

Volunteer Co-ordinator

As all coaches and helpers at GTC are volunteers, Brian, as Head Coach has responsibility for ensuring the training and involvement of all the volunteers is optimised.

Interested in Coaching at GTC?

Email us or speak to Brian or Frances.  We are keen to support new coaches at the club whether you are already qualified or keen to learn about coaching! You can now start to train as an assistant coach at 16.