There are currently 5 on the waiting list for future trampoline champions First Timer Slots (as of 11.05.18).  As the club is a competitive club only, it may be a while before we are able to offer taster sessions - currently about 6 months will be expected of a wait.  After the taster sessions, the coaches decide if moving to the next stage "trial period" is appropriate. For those who are selected, this is a period of a few weeks after which we carry out a formal "mini competition" amongst other tests to see if we think competitive trampolining is for the new starts.  Due to British Gymnastics rules about children being accompanied to the toilet up to the age of 8, we are happy to accept children from the age of 9!!

We do take beginners as it is the potential for competitive trampolining we are looking for not just accomplished jumpers. However, over the age of 14/15 we will probably expect only performers moving to our club who are already experienced in competitive trampolining or another competitive gymnastic discipline. Above this age, it is unlikely that performers will be able to get to a reasonable competitive standard without this background. We are very keen to hear from Gymnasts in other disciplines and related sports who want a shift to Trampolining. This would include Artistic gymnasts, Sports Acro gymnasts, Tumblers, Springboard divers, Acrobatic Cheerleaders etc etc.

Do let us know if you are interested...there could be some champions out there! We are essentially looking for gymnasts with an interest in competitive trampolining. As such we do NOT cater for recreational trampolinists, but may do so in the future. We usually do not cater for adults (18+) unless they are moving from another club and are already established competitors. Unfortunately, we also do not cater for Freestyle gymnasts or skiers.

If you have jumped at another club and wish to transfer to Glasgow Trampoline Club, please email us to discuss this.

The paperwork required for Taster Sessions and Club Membership will be emailed out on a case by case basis.