Glasgow Trampoline Club

Constitution – Oct 2006


 1.         Aims

2.         Eligibility and Joining

3.         Banking

4.         Financial Structure

5.         Club dissolution

6.         Committee structure

7.         Constitutional and Policy decisions

8.         Policies

1.         AIMS

Glasgow Trampoline Club (GTC) was formed in Sep 2006 and is a newly formed competitive trampoline club based in Glasgow. It aspires to be amongst the best training trampoline clubs in the United Kingdom.  It promotes and supports safe individually-tailored competitive development of its performers and coaches.  Glasgow is an area where Trampolining has been very poorly represented at non-student level despite its large population. GTC aims to increase the availability of Trampolining in this part of the country.


The club is open to anyone in Scotland aged 9 and over.  There is currently no special provision for potential performers with special needs but this will be an area for development (see GTC Development plan).  To join the club, the membership fee is payable annually, in addition to the requirements of the national organisations (Scottish Gymnastics for performers and British Gymnastics for coaches).  In addition, weekly subscriptions will be required from members. The maximum number of competitive and recreational trampolinists eligible to join the club is governed by national guidance on the coach-to-student ratio and the number of trampolines (see GTC Session parameters policy).  Once the maximum number of places available has been taken, a waiting list will operate (see GTC Waiting list policy).

3.         BANKING

Glasgow Trampoline Club will operate its finances via a Treasurers Bank Account at the Bank of Scotland, The Cross, Paisley. The bank account will be administered by the Club Treasurer.  All cheques paid by the club will require two signatories.  Bank statements and accounts will be able to be viewed by Club members at committee meetings and annually at the Annual General Meeting.


Glasgow Trampoline Club is a non-profit making organisation.  All income shall remain in the club to promote activities in the Club Development Plan (see GTC Development Plan). Allowable expenses shall be determined by the committee and updated annually. (see Club Allowable Expenses policy - available from Chairperson or treasurer)


In the event of dissolution of the club the following procedures will be followed


Equipment items belonging to individuals will be returned to them.  The costs of relocating the equipment to another venue in this eventuality will not be born by the club. Any equipment belonging to the club itself will be gifted to another sports organisation on the decision of the committee. Only in the event where equipment cannot be disposed of in this way, will it be sold.

Bank Account            The Bank Account will be closed after the full and final payments by creditors and to debtors and copies of the final accounts made available to all members of the club.

Remaining Monies    Any remaining monies will be gifted to a sports charity of the committee’s choice.

Financial Liabilities   In the event of the club dissolving with monies being owed by the club, the financial losses will be borne in equal share by individuals as follows - all fully paid up members of the club, GTC coaches and the GTC administrative committee. An individual will only count once in this reckoning even if a member of two or more of these groups.


The GTC administrative committee shall comprise

Chairperson               Responsible for the club in all aspects

Secretary                   Responsible for administrative tasks

Treasurer                   Responsible for administering the bank account and producing accurate accounts

Ordinary Member      Responsible for canvassing and representing the views of the competitors and recreational trampolinists

Parent Rep                Responsible for liaising with, canvassing and representing the views of the parents etc. of competitors and recreational trampolinists under 16.

Coach Rep                Unless one of the chairperson/secretary/treasurer is a club coach or above

The Child Protecction Coordinator is also an active member of the committee.

Election to Committee Positions

Committee members will be either a GTC coach, full member of GTC or parent of a full member of the club.

Nomination and Election to the committee for all positions will be held annually in March at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations are to be received before the commencement of the AGM. The date of the AGM will be notified to club members at least 28 days beforehand. In the event of two nominations for the same position, the nominations will be put to a secret ballot at the AGM. Individual voting rights are held by GTC coaches and members of the club who have been full members for at least 28 days prior to the AGM.  In the event of a member of the club being aged 15 or under on the date of the AGM, the member’s vote may be cast by the member’s responsible adult.  The club will encourage members aged 16 and over to cast their votes independently.

Committee Decision Making

The committee will be held to be a quorum when 3 members are present.  All members of the committee have an equal vote.  Usually decisions should be unanimous but in the event of different options occurring, decisions will be made by an open vote.  A simple majority will carry the vote.  In the event of a tie, the chairperson of the club shall have the deciding vote.

Committee meetings will be open to all full members of the club (and/or their parent etc if under 16) to attend in an observational capacity.  They will however have no rights to vote on matters to be decided rightfully by the committee itself.


Internal Policies

The administrative committee will have the authority to amend the club’s internal workings and policies.  Amendments will be notified to club members and coaches will take effect 28 days from the date of the decision to amend the policy.  Club members and coaches have these 28 days to lodge any questions or complaints with the committee.  The committee are then duty bound to fairly reconsider the change in policy in light of the complaint etc. The date of implementation of the change in policy is thus delayed to the later of - the original implementation date or the date such reconsideration is properly conducted.  The reconsidered decision of the committee is final.  An explanation will usually be offered to the complainant in the cases where their decision remains unchanged.

The Constitution of the Club

This constitution will be revised annually and any potential new clauses or substantive changes in meaning shall be debated at the Annual General Meeting.  If the proposed changes are acceptable to all, they can be held to be changed as of that date by the proposal of acceptance and seconding from the members of the meeting who are entitled to vote.  In the event of disagreement, a secret ballot will be held by the members and coaches of the club present at the AGM.  In the event of a tie, the chairperson of the club has the deciding vote. 

8.         POLICIES

The Club wishing to promote safe trampolining good practices has adopted the following policies issued by British Gymnastics and good practices issued by Sports Coach UK and have issued our own policies to ensure the safety, health and well being of all participants involved in club’s activity (whether they are trampolinists, coaches, helpers or merely spectators). To help accomplish this, the Club has adopted/implemented the following policies: Some are available on this website

1)     British Gymnastic Body Piercing and Body Jewellery Policy

     2)      British Gymnastics Bullying Poster

3)      British Gymnastics Child & Vulnerable Adults policy

4)      British Gymnastics Code of practice & Poster

5)      British Gymnastics Competition frequency policy

6)      British Gymnastics Drugs use policy

7)      British Gymnastics Photography & Videoing Policy & authorisation form

8)      SC UK Coaching Staff “Good Coaches Guide”

9)      GTC Alcohol policy

10)  GTC Bullying policy

11)  GTC Coach Appointment Policy

12)  GTC Complaints, Grievance & Disciplinary Procedures

13) GTC Development Plan Jan 2010

14)  GTC Dress code and Clothing policy

15)  GTC Equipment set up and maintenance policy

16)  GTC Expenses policy

17)  GTC First Aid policy

18)  GTC Manual Support policy

19)  GTC Parent involvement policy

20)  GTC Removal from Club policy

21)  GTC Rules and Code of Conduct form

22)  GTC Selection for Squad Training policy

23)  GTC Session Parameters Policy

24)  GTC Smoking policy

25)  GTC Training policy

26)  GTC Transferring between Clubs policy

27)  GTC Unforeseen circumstances policy

28) GTC Waiting list policy

29) GTC Equity and SG/BG Equity policies

30) Scottish Gymnastics Child protection policy

31) GTC Code of conduct for coaches, officials, volunteers, parents and participants!

32) GTC Electronic Media policy