Where is the Club?

Scotstoun Leisure Centre, 72 Danes Drive, Glasgow G14 9HU

When is it on?

Sessions to start with are usually on Sunday mornings. Training on other nights is by invitation from the senior coaches only.

Who can come?

The club is open to anyone aged 9 and above as this is the age that British Gymnastics says you can go to the toilet yourself! We are particularly interested in attracting performers with a gymnastics/diving/tumbling background who are interested in Competitive Trampolining. We do take beginners as it is potential we are looking for not just accomplished jumpers. Generally this usually unfortunately excludes adults and over 15s unless they have a history of competitive trampolining elsewhere or perhaps competitive gymnastics. We currently do not cater for recreational trampolinists, adults, freestyle gymnasts or skiers.

How much is it?

First timer - £4.50 per hour - up to 2 taster sessions.

Thereafter costs are dependent on the number of hours and sessions per week.

What happens after taster sessions?

If you find that your child wishes to continue in the club, the senior coaches will advise on the suitability towards the mini assessment. We only offer this to gymnasts who we think stand a chance of passing the assessment. This is usually Sunday mornings for 2 hours.

There is then an initial trial period of up to 4 weeks when at least temporary membership of Scottish Gymnastics is required. At some point during this trial a formal assessment of potential is carried out by the senior coaches. This is done under mock competition conditions (though we don't bite!!) to give the new recruits a taster for competitive stress! Those who are succesful are offered a permanent place in the club. There is an expectation that performers will be ready for their first competition at the lowest level within the 2 months (not including holidays) thereafter. Currently about 30% of applicants are successful at the trial.

What should I wear?

T-shirt and shorts or Tracksuit stuff is fine to begin with. Socks are mandatory to reduce rotting of the trampoline! Once a member has been succesful in joining the club, we expect ALL members (male and female) to train in leotards.

How many people bounce at a time?

Only one per trampoline at a time! We think a fair maximum ratio of trampolinists to coaches is about 5:1 for general trampolining and about 4:1 for more senior competitive trampoline training.  This is well within the British Gymnastics approved maximums of 8:1 for trampolining.

Who is the club's child protection officer?

Kirsty Abu-Rajab has kindly taken this role and her contact details are welfare@glasgowtrampolineclub.co.uk  Please feel free to contact her with any questions about any aspect of Child Protection at GTC. Any of the coaches can be contacted too at any time. 

What else should I know?

For any other questions please feel free to email and ask and we will do our best to answer you. Our Constitution has a whole load of policies at the bottom which might answer very specific questions also.